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  • 2019 Taiwan international coffee show︱Thank you for the visit!

2019 Taiwan international coffee show︱Thank you for the visit!

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

2019 Taiwan international coffee show︱Thank you for the visit!

Coffee, tea or Sparlar?

Thank you so much for attending the coffee show 2019! It was a big success, and your participation meant a lot to us. We are honor to introduce different beverages inspired by our latest product such as Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink, Ammerländer milk, Sparlar flavored syrup, and sauce.

Experimenting with new flavor is a major beverage trend for 2019, so our guest barista, Shin Chiu, Jack Wu, and Rock Luo, are looking for a combination of local sources and Sparlar’s product to create new opportunities for our consumers.

Shin Chiu, a barista with 20 years of experience, are willing to solve the different coffee issue and establish the need for a solution with our consumer.

Rock Luo, 2017 Taiwan Coffee In Good Spirits(TCIGS)Championship, also known as a food and beverage consultant specializing in artisan coffee preparation. Using Sparlar’s product and locally sourced ingredient to make connections with consumers.

Our guest barista, Jack Wu, are responsible for preparing quality beverages made with a variety of different Sparlar syrup, sauce, herbs, and juices according to standard recipes and serving all products with friendly, individualized attention towards each guest. He is also responsible for educating external and internal guests about our premium coffees and teas.

Ammerländer, your best choice

Ammerländer simple, pure organic milk from cows raised on fresh green pastures using minimal processing. Moreover, Ammerländer is constantly investing in the latest UHT technology and innovation to further build its tradition of progress for dairy farming and dairy production in Northern Germany. So that our consumer can have a great source of protein.

We would like to thank everyone who has come near and far, for sharing in our joy and happiness at this event. We will keep you posted on our progress and hope you can visit us again soon.
2020 Taiwan international coffee show︱November 13 (Fri.) - 16 (Mon.), 2020
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall1,4th

Exhibition Dates
Show Dates: November 13 (Fri.) - 16 (Mon.), 2020
Show Times: AM10:00 ~ PM6:00

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