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2023 International Taiwan Coffee Show︱Thank you for participate!

Monday, 04 December 2023
2023 Coffee Show

2023 Taiwan Coffee Exhibition︱11/17~20 Nangang Exhibition Hall Hall 2 P1004︱A successful exhibition Thank you for coming to participate!

Diversified application of raw materials, showing professionalism and creativity

Sparlar products are rich in variety, simple and convenient to use, and have a wide range of applications. 2023 Coffee Show Star Products:

Sparlar flavored syrup

Sparlar syrups and sauces carefully select raw materials produced by major European and American factories to present the classic and natural aroma of each flavor.

It has low sweetness but great aroma, allowing operators to be more flexible in preparation and use. Can be widely used in various beverages and can easily bring out the original flavor and integrity of coffee and tea drinks.

In addition, the combination of flavored syrup and fruit tea can show rich changes, and can unify the quality of the drink even if the sweetness of each batch of fruits is different. The combination of flavored syrup and fruit will not conflict, but can set off each other's taste. 

Sparlar flavored syrups come in 15 flavors
    • 【Mocktail Series】Rum, Malt Whisky
    • 【Classic Coffee Series】Roasted Nuts, Vanilla, Caramel, Muscovado
    • 【Fresh Herb and Flower Series】Rose, Cherry Blossom, Pandan, Elderberry
    • 【Fragrant Fruit Series】White Peach, Lychee, Mix Berries, Green Grape, Guava

Sparlar Gourmet Sauce come in 5 flavors

sauce can be used as coffee carving sauce and baking product drizzle. It not only adds flavor and taste, but also helps to make desserts more eye-catching. 5 flavors are: Toffee, Banana Milk Caramel, Hazelnet Chocolate, Tiramisu, Red Velvet.

Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink

It uses high-quality lactic acid bacteria from the Danish Chr. Hansen company and is fermented for 12 hours, creating a mellow flavor with a sweet, sour, rich and smooth taste. In addition to being brewed with ice water and ready to drink, Yogurt can also be mixed with flavored syrup, juice, tea, sparkling water, etc. to make a welcome snack. It also has a unique flavor when made into smoothies. The good taste of lactic acid bacteria fermentation makes eating delicious food hassle-free. 

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