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  • Taiwanese Castella Cake
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  • Taiwanese Castella Cake

FoodPorn in Taiwan: Taiwanese Castella Cheese Cake


If you google the words 'Must Eat in Taiwan,' a picture of Taiwanese Castella Cake comes up. There is no doubt that Taiwanese Castella Cakes sparked the trend for the countless foodporn hashtags and Instagram stories. This pillow-like sponge cake may be original from Japan, but it becomes an iconic snack in Taiwan. What’s more, Taiwanese Castella Cake tastes different from the Japanese version. All ingredients are locally sourced and reminiscent of Taiwan’s native culture. People can find a wide range of fillings inspired by Taiwanese cultures like cheese flavor, chocolate flavor, sesame flavor, and even pork floss flavor.


Apart from being delicious, one of the biggest reasons why Taiwanese Castella Cake is right on trend is because of its fluffy texture and smooth surface. With a pleasingly soft bite, the texture of Taiwanese Castella cake is amazing. Instagram users film themselves tearing off the smooth, light-as-air cake to reveal the irresistibly gooey, foamy insides. That is the reason why Taiwanese Castella Cakes become the star product among the plethora of desserts and snacks.


Plus, if you're looking for something different, Castella Cake with crème brûlée is a pretty great option. You can add crème brulee topping to the cake. For the topping, simply combine Sparlar Crème Brulee Topping Stabilizer, milk, and whipping cream together. Whisk until mixture begins to thicken and spread Crème Brulee mixture over the Castella Cake. Next, sprinkle sugar all over the surface of the Crème Brulee layer as evenly as possible. Then, put the kitchen torch on high and go over the sugar until it is all melted and slightly brown. Now, you can enjoy Castella Cake with crème brûlée as often as you like! Enjoy it!

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