Tofu pudding mung bean sweet soup


If you are tired of always eating similar desserts, why not try some “Tofu pudding mung bean sweet soup”?

This traditional Taiwanese delicacy is sweet and rich in flavor, although it seems quite ordinary at first sight, you will feel surprised and find it fantastic after give it a try!

“Tofu pudding mung bean sweet soup” is definitely a good choice for afternoon snack! Let’s check out the recipe now!


Tofu pudding:
Tofu Powder   200g
Water   500g

Tofu pudding mung bean sweet soup:
Mung bean sweet soup   200g
Tofu pudding   appropriate amount
Ice cubes   appropriate amount


Tofu pudding:
1. Add tofu powder into water, heat and stir it for 3~5 minutes.
2. After tofu powder dissolve in water, pour it into a container and refrigerate it.
3. Cut tofu pudding into small pieces.

Tofu pudding mung bean sweet soup:
Put mung bean sweet soup, tofu pudding, and ice cubes into the bowl in order.
Done! Enjoy it!

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