2020 Taiwan International Coffee Show

Friday, 27 November 2020

Thank you so much for attending 2020 Taiwan International Coffee Show! It was a big success, and your participation meant a lot to us. We are honor to introduce different beverages inspired by our products such as Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink, Ammerländer milk, Sparlar flavored syrup, and Sparlar sauce. Coffee, tea or Sparlar? This year, Sparlar made an innovative breakthrough. We...

The 2020 Taiwan International Coffee Show will take place in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from 13 to 16 November 2020. This is a well-known annual event in Taiwan, experts of coffee industry gathered to participate in the show every year. Sparlar is ready for this remarkable event, it is our great honor to have you as our guest. Our vision is based on a commitment to breakthrough...
2020 Taiwan International Coffee Show

Bubble milk tea (Source: freepik@topntp26)

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Brown sugar bubble milk tea is a quintessential Taiwanese delicacy. It is flavorful, sweet, and has a rich taste, almost every Taiwanese had tried it at some point in time. This year, Taiwan hosted the International Bubble Milk Tea Forum for the first time, demonstrating the market’s expectation and love for this beverage. In recent years, the bubble tea fad has been trending across the...

  If you google the words 'Must Eat in Taiwan,' a picture of Taiwanese Castella Cake comes up. There is no doubt that Taiwanese Castella Cakes sparked the trend for the countless foodporn hashtags and Instagram stories. This pillow-like sponge cake may be original from Japan, but it becomes an iconic snack in Taiwan. What’s more, Taiwanese Castella Cake tastes different from the...
Castella Cake with crème brûlée

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