Pandan Flavored Baozhong Tea with Pandan Jelly Cake


Fragrance, richness, mellowness, charm and beauty are the artistic conception brought by this drink.

The fresh, elegant and tangy fragrance of Baozhong tea is a flawless combination with the elegant and fragrant pandan, and it is as sweet and mellow as hydrosol!


Pandan Flavored Jelly Cake

Sparlar Colourless Jelly Cake    100g

Cold Water    500ml

Pandan Flavored Baozhong Tea

Baozhong Tea    150ml

Sparlar Pandan Flavored Syrup    30ml

Sparlar Lychee Flavored Syrup    15ml

Pandan Flavored Jelly Cake    80g

Fresh Pandan Leaf    Decoration


Pandan Flavored Jelly Cake
    1. Dissolve the Sparlar Colorless Jelly Cake powder in cold water, then add Sparlar Pandan Flavored Syrup and mix well.
    2. Heat over low heat, stirring continuously to avoid burning, and turn off the heat when bubbles appear.
    3. Pour into a flat plate and cool then cut into small cubes.


Pandan Flavored Baozhong Tea
    1. Put Pandan Flavored Jelly Cake at the bottom of the cup.
    2. Add Baozhong tea, Sparlar Pandan Flavored Syrup and Sparlar Lychee Flavored Syrup to a shaker, add ice and shake well.
    3. Pour it into the finished cup.
    4. Add decoration and it's done.

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