Smoked Chestnut Roasted Tea


The concept of this tea based drink is infused with the smoke of smoky Japanese roasted tea leaves, giving it a unique roasted and matured flavor. When drinking, you will feel the lingering aroma of tea smoke, accompanied by the calm sweetness of chestnuts and lamb, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

Using Sparlar Rum Flavored Syrup with a hint of cane sugar, the aroma of smoke can be better integrated with roasted tea.


Iced Roasted Tea    150ml
Chestnut flavored syrup    20ml
Sparlar Rum Flavored Syrup    10ml
Ice Cubes    200g
Roasted Tea Leaves Smoke
Marigold Leaves    Decoration
Roasted Candied Chestnut    1 piece



  1. Add iced rosted tea, chestnut flavored syrup, and Sparlar Rum Flavored Syrup to the shaker and mix well.
  2. Pour into a cup, and smoke the roasted tea.
  3. Add decoration and it's done. Enjoy with drinks

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