Multiple Floral Flavor Tea


A stylish cup of tea with the flavor of colorful flowers. Using fresh iced Four Seasons Spring Tea as the base, the strawberry sugar jam gives the tea a rosy sweetness, paired with the delicate cherry blossom flavor and charming rose fragrance, presenting a unique sense of layering and exuding multiple floral fragrances.




Four Season Spring Green Tea    120ml
Strawberry Sauce    15ml
Sparlar Cherry Blossom Flavored Syrup    10ml
Sparlar Rose Flavored Syrup    10ml
Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink    10ml
Lemonade    15ml
Instant Albumin Powder    10g
Ice Cube    200g
Herb Tea    (decoration on the surface)
Green Tea Flavor Powder      (decoration on the surface)


  1. Four seasons spring tea, strawberry sauce, cherry blossom flavored syrup, Sparlar Rose Flavored Syrup, Yogurscool Concentrated Yoghurt Drink, lemonade, Instant Albumin Powder, use a handheld electric milk frother to beat and froth.
  2. Add ice cubes and shake well.
  3. Filter the flavored tea [Step 1]  and pour it into the finished cup.
  4. Take the Sparlar Herb Tea powder and Sparlar Green Tea Flavor powder in order.
  5. Decorate with edible flowers and it’s done.

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