Brown Sugar Bubble Tea with Tofu Pudding (Taho)

Brown Sugar Bubble Tea with Tofu Pudding (Taho)


Using Sparlar Muscovado Syrup and Sparlar Tofu Pudding to make a perfect Brown Sugar Bubble Tea with Tofu Pudding (Taho).



You can also watch the Youtube Video: Brown sugar bubble tea with tofu pudding video

  1. Mix the Sparlar Tofu Powder with boiling water in a 1:5 ratio.
  2. Decant the Tofu Pudding into the cups slowly and gently. And let it cool to set.
  3. Before we put the tapioca pearls into the drink, we can add our Sparlar Muscovado Syrup. Just about 5% would be enough. 
  4. Pour Sparlar Muscovado Syrup along the side of the cup. Turn the cup as you pour, and just let it slowly trickle down to the bottom.
  5. Then use a spatula, and just spread the syrups evenly.
  6. Take a few spoonful of tapioca pearls and add then into the cup.
  7. Next add the ice and the milk.
  8. Take the Tofu Pudding we made from earlier. And gently dunk it into the cup.
  9. Add More Sparlar Muscovado Syrup.


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