Apple Toffee Black Tea


Mix black tea with Toffee Sauce, then add some apple puree into it, bringing out the amazing caramel apple aroma. The combination of these ingredients is totally bravo!

You can use cinnamon sticks as blender when enjoying the drink, you will find it unexpected tasty!

Ingredients and Ornament

Apple    1/4
Toffee Sauce    20ml
Earl Grey Tea    120ml
Lemonade    10ml
Italian meringue    10g

Caramel apple    3 slices
Dried fruit    2 slices
Cinnamon stick    1 roll

Instructions and Tips

1. Put ice cubes in the glass to ice it.
2. Smash apple into puree in a shaker, then put Italian meringue, toffee sauce, and Earl Grey Tea into the shaker in order.
3. After putting ice cubes in the shaker, shake it fully.
4. Pour out the melted water, then filter and pour the apple toffee black tea into the glass.
5. Put Italian meringue on the top of the drink, topped the drink with Toffee Sauce, and finally decorate it with roasted caramel apple slices. Done! Enjoy it!

1. You can replace Italian meringue by Whipping Cream.
2. If you like the taste of apple, you can put some filtered apple puree into the drink.

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